MINI Cooper Concept Car – Vision type

MINI Cooper concept car

The new design study ran by MINI Vision officials present us the tendencies that MINI will embrace for future models at the beginning of 2015-16. MINI Vision is a design study in a hologram shape which offers us a better explanation on how the future MINI models will look like. It’s obvious that the British auto Producer doesn’t want some radical changes to the features that made the model known world wide. Therefore these new changes make the unit look a bit more muscular and a bit more sportive besides the classic body lines.


mini cooper concept car


The future MINI Cooper concept car will have a wider hexagonal grill and LED circular day lights. The fog projectors are now integrated in the grill and the stops are no longer white and have a rather rectangular shape than hexagonal one. The sport features can easily be recognised through the double exhaust pipe and the bigger tailgate. Yet the grand innovation lies in the newly used material, the organo metal that has a textile texture and flows neatly around the wheels, the doors and towards the windows. This type of texture will most likely not reach the series model. This new pattern makes the unit look like it is flying above the wheels though the wheels can be relatively dull.


mini cooper concept geneva


For the interior MINI vision has elastic bands on the doors where you can place water bottles or maps which used in the series model will not look as good as it looks now on the design study. Also the driver can choose the Driving experience Control which allows him to switch to interconnected driving. The latter has a funky light change due to the MINI Disco floor. The Glamorous Gold paint MINI used for the exterior will most likely attract the hipsters.