Know the BMW 1M model 2015

BMW 1M coupe model 2015

You can choose any car to get to know about on the web but when it comes to BMW 1M coupe, it is something with a great class and powerful impression. To know about the BMW 1M car model you can go to internet and search for whatever they wish to but to know way more than what they want and that too with less efforts as compared to the previous idea, I am sure you would choose the second one. Yes, there are lots of websites, magazines, weekly papers or magazines that may tell you about your supercar the BMW 1M but it is not necessary that you will get to know everything what you wish to. The fact that BMW thought of releasing the BMW 1M edition in a limited production of 2,700 units but the demand grew so exponentially that the company lifted the cap to 6309 cars until June 2012 as production ended on the date. To get valid and the best information about the car you can always trust a high rated source and in order to choose a suitable source you can follow the down below steps.

BMW 1M verified sources

There are a lot of sources which may tell you the about the car, the specification, picture gallery, videos, reviews etc. but you must know that not all the sources on the web are certified and you must be careful of the fraud ones. Whether you go for getting to know about the car or check the price or whatever information you take, do verify the authenticity of the source providing you the information. There are a lot of brand names or websites that can tell you about the BMW 1M but if you do not want to regret for your selection then go for the verified sources.

A quick look at Specs

The BMW 1M became one of the cars that used turbocharging. The engine produced 340 PS at 5900 rpm 332 lb-ft torque from 1500 to 4500 rpm, consisted of a six-speed manual transmission with limited slip differential and you can say the BMW 1M sprints from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.8 seconds. The car is known to have an estimated price of $61,139.

The problems of 1M

Some of the reviews said that the “coil and injector problems on the later four-cylinder engines (petrol) were common and timing chain failures on N47 engines (diesel) were reported.

Overall the car became popular among the users and is supported by the fact that the company shifted the cap and grew the production as the BMW 1M had a plunging demand among people in various countries.

bmw m 1 coupe