Ford Mustang 2016 GT vs 2016 BMW M4 Coupe

Ford Mustang 2016 GT

2016 Ford Mustang GT will compete this year with one of BMW’s finest models BMW M4 coupe. This is one interesting compariosn between two units, created by two renowned car producer from two diffrent continents. The notorious American pony car celebrates this year its 50th birthday with style and the Americans will send their model overseas to England, Australia and Japan. For the first time in Mustang’s history, the design will be improved by the English and Japanese besides getting an independent rear suspension. With these new improvements, Mustang GT juts got a bit more interesting for car enthusiasts. Ford Mustang 2016 GT will go past the position of a muscle car and it will manage to enter a new market segment.

On the other hand BMW M4 coupe is the product of a new series. After the 3 series was taken over by the 4th, M3 coupe slid over to the M4 coupe. This car concept will be powered by a six in line cylinder engine and you will be able to see it at the car dealers beginning with the last semester of 2015.

The exterior design of 2016 Ford Mustang GT maintained its classic lines and details which are specific for the brand but otherwise, it adopted an evolutionary design. The overall change of the exterior car design is given by certain adjustments like shark-bite grill flanked by slim headlights, raked windshield and rear glass, sportier roof with rear fenders, long hood, tri-bar tail lamps and a splitter the same colour as the car. There si one way this Mustag would look even better, and that si with a bit of carbon fiber. No matter if you prefer your Mustang with its roof up or down , this muscle car that reached its sixth generation, looks absolutely stunning and modern.

BMW M4 coupe 2016

When competing with the slick design of the latest Mustang, BMW M4 coupe 2016 had to focus on certain elements to make the model stand out. For instance M4 coupe is very aerodynamic thus it has a really low guard. M4′s improvements can be easily observed in the front apron with air breathers for a good engine cooling, twin headlights with LED lights, muscular wheel arches and carbon fiber roof that helps the unit lose some weight. Besides the intelligent roof, M4 is equipped with integrated rear spoiler also made out of carbon fiber and reinforced platic. The overall design of the M4 coupe is intelligent and lightweight.

BMW M4 new coupe

The interior design of the Ford Mustang is inspired by a plane’s cockpit and Ford used its best craftsmanship to develop this gorgeous looking interior equipped with high tech board. BMW M4 coupe’s interior bears the mark of the M model with M door sill finishes, M driver’s footrest, M design circular instruments, M leather wrapped sterring wheel and M gearshift.

2016 Ford Mustang GT vs 2016 BMW M4 coupe will continue to compete even when it comes down to the engines they are powered by. Ford will have available three types of engines a 3,7 liter Ti-VCT V6 engine that develops 300 HP, a 2,3 liter EcoBoost I4 that develops 310 HP and a 5 liter Ti-VCT V8 engine that develops 435 HP. 2015 BMW M4 coupe will be powered by a 3 liter I-6 Turbocharged engine that develops 425 HP and 406 torque. The starting prices for these jewels on wheels are as follow: BMW M4 coupe costs $66.200 while Mustang has the starting price of $27400.

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