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BMW 318i

You may be searching for the specifications or price of the bmw 318i models on the internet but it is not as easy as click and go. There are lots of websites over the web that provide the details
about the car but being very precise will always help you to get the best out or your search. The bmw 318i comes in various year models like bmw 318i 1984, bmw 318i 1987, bmw 318i 2001, 05, 07, 09 and many more. You can always check the specs, price and check their picture gallery on some of the most rated websites. The fact that no one website provide all the facts and data about the car and you may need to visit different sites or refer various sources in order to know the car better. The bmw 318i has many models according to the year and you can always check any of them accordingly, the year model makes a lot of difference. For ease down below are taken some of the best models of the bmw 318i.

bmw 318i models

The BMW 318i 2009 specifications

If we give a look at the specifications of the bmw 318i 2009, the car falls under the category of family cars which has the engine at the front and has the in-line, 4-cyl engine. The car owns max power of 143.00 PS (104.48kW) at 6000 Rev. per minute and 190.00Nm (19.30kgf-m) of torque at 4250 Rev. per minute. The bmw 318i 2009 model offers the top speed of 205.0 km/h or 126.76mph and the fuel type is gasoline. The car engine has the 6-speed manual transmission and chassis which wraps the engine is sedan/saloon. Having the liquid cooling system its front brakes are the ventilated disks type and the rear ones are disk type. With the fuel capacity of 63.0 liters it offers the rate of 7.3 liters/100 km.

The BMW 318i automatic 2008

The car is manufactured in Germany and its body contains a 1995 ccm engine which gives a maximum of 143,00PS of power at 6000 Rev. per minute and 200.00Nm of torque at 3750 Rev per minute. Rear brakes as well as the front brakes of the car are ventilated disk type. The fuel tank has the capacity of 63.0 liters (16.56 gallons) and the fuel efficiency of 7.2 liters/100km (32.51 miles per gallon).


Apart from these two models, you have many other models of bmw 318i which come in various features. Choosing an appropriate website with correct data about your preference can be very tedious if you do not make it precise. Always get the best rated websites to take reference from and you will always get the best out of your search.

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