BMW S1000RR Sport Bike

BMW S1000RR Sport

If you are among all those people, searching about the specs, price and photo gallery of the bmw s1000rr then you better know the reason why this sport bike is among the world class superbikes. The s1000rr was initially made to compete in the superbike world championship 2009 but as per the demand the company decided to bring the bmw s1000rr into production and is still on sale across the world. The reason why the bike got hike in the world class superbikes market was the comprehensive list of the high tech features it held. The bike was introduced in Munich on April 2008 and is still in production because of the sales around the globe. You can easily get to know about the superbike on any website but if you want the best out of your search you should always prefer a trustworthy source and get the best out of your search. You may be searching for specification of the super bmw s1000rr or its current price, but to get the best information you need to be very precise about your search. There are many luring features of the superbike which make it popular among the people and its stunning look will make anyone check its features.

BMW S1000RR specs

Let’s get a quick specs review of the BMW S1000RR. The superbike had many features that maximized its speed performance, some of which are, the radial brakes, the traction control or the ABS adjustable riding modes. The high tech aluminum bridging frame offered the perfect blend of rigidity and light weight, which maximized the overall handling abilities of the bmw s1000rr.

The frame conceals a 999cc water-cooled, four cylinder, 4-stroke engine which churns out 193bhp of horsepower and 112nm of torque. Its fuel tank has capacity of 17.5L and 4L reserve fuel capacity giving overall 17Kmpl fuel efficiency. When it comes to the performance stats, it gives speed up to 0-60kmph in 3.01 seconds, top speed is claimed to be of 201kmph. The superbike is known to have an estimated price of $43,472.

The problem of BMW K46

The BMW s1000rr, called K46 faced a recall for all the bikes produced in September 2011-April 2012. It was done to address an issue with the bolts securing the connecting rods to crankshaft which could have loosened while driving of the bike at high speeds.

But apart from all the issues, the bike won many awards like Machine of the year, Sports bike over 751 cc, motorcycle of the year 2010, best of the best 2010 and many more, which proves the high tech built and efficiency of the super K46 BMW s1000rr.

Overall if we give a look to the bike, the bike is a quick success and is still being produced for supply all over the world.

BMW S1000RR K46

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