BMW Producer Focuses More On Light Material

BMW Producer

In the later years the Bavarian auto producer placed a high price on making its cars fuel efficient, less polluting and light. Light material are the material of the future in cars construction since it makes the vehicles easier to handle yet have the same qualities as any other metal forged texture. In an interview offered to Top Gear UK, BMW’s Product Manager, Matt Collins, stated that BMW focuses on lowering the weigh of their cars beginning with the new BMW M4.

We want the new 4 series to shed the M3 characteristics, stated Collins, thus we focus on light material, components made out of carbon fibre and ultra light wheels. We want to build an easy to handle unit not just to increase the power of the engine. BMW President Dr. Friedrich Nitschke made an explicit demand that the M3 and M4 cars should be lighter and be built from intelligent materials.

The experience that BMW producer gained after building i3 and i8 and the study on carbon fibre components made them reconsider the weigh of the cars currently under production. As for a future M3 CSL model, Collins said that there are no plans for the moment for a ultra light M4 CSL, the response of our clients is highly important in this stage. If BMW AG c
bmw produceronsiders this type of unit makes for a good business case then the plans might come true and enthusiasts will finally get the car they have been expecting since the launch of M3 E46 CSL. M4 will run on a six cylinder engine and a turbo compressor which developed 440 HP.