BMW M6 3D Aerodynamic Kit

BMW is constantly trying to improve the technology, design and details behind the units they launch so that the simple logo becomes now a symbol of good taste and innovation.

BMW M6 Aerodynamic

The M series is one of the best looking launched by the Germans so far, thus the M division became on of their top series. With every launch of a new M model, the designers try to make is more attractive and impressive. This luxurious design has to be maintained by the BM tuners through hard work and constant innovation in order to produce the best accessory, exhaust system or spoilers. 3D design produced an aerodynamic kit for BMW M6 f12/F13 and you can easily see that hard work they put into it.

m 6 tuned aero

The aerodynamic kit from 3D Design respects the fine lines, the dents, the details, the unique shapes of the car body and  the chassis length of the M6 unit. This kit fits like a glove. If we take a peak at the front spoiler, we can easily notice that it connects with the bumper before descending towards the two piece splitter. Inspired from the Moto GP M5 F10, the aileron placed on the trunk offers a certain degree of aggressiveness. Another aggressive element but not intrusive is the rear diffuser. Besides these changes the unit also has carbon fibre side skirts and a beautifully done frame around the exhaust pipes.

BMW M6 aero

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