BMW M1 Hommage concept car

BMW M1 Hommage

The legendary BMW M1 may yet have a successor, a car known as the M8. The model is expected to borrow many elements of the BMW M1 Hommage concept, becoming BMW’s flagship.

There are, apparently, heated discussions between the heads of BMW – Friedrich Nitschke, head of the M Division, insists for developing a successor to the legendary M1, all while Norbert Reithofer, the CEO of BMW, doesn’t seem to want to risk money and resources in creating the supercar.

The quarrel between them is old news, as it happened a few years ago as well, concerning the BMW Series 1 M Coupe, which was aggressively marketed by Kay Segler, the head of M Division at the time, and accepted by the heads of the company in the end. As this model has been successful, extending the range on its other extreme would be the logical course of action, says Nitschke. Especially since Audi already has a R8 V10 that sells very well.

BMW M 1 Hommage coupe

BMW M1 Hommage – a good basis for an M8?

The design of the BMW M8 could be inspired by the BMW M1 Hommage concept (check the attached pictures), while its engine may be a 625 hp, centrally-mounted V10. There might also be an engine option which features a 400 hp, six-cylinder engine. This car could, at best, be released in 2016, with a few concepts preceding it.

BMW’s comeback into the field of supercars might be a big success. At present, almost all supercar manufacturers have great profits and the number of multimillionaires is increasing worldwide. The ultra-light and stiff chassis of the BMW i8, combined with current technology, might be the perfect mix to make the BMW M8 have its own page in the history books. And Audi won’t feel so alone all of a sudden…

BMW Hommage concept