A guide for classic BMW Z8: info, specs

BMW Z8 info, specs

There are a lot of reasons for which one would want to search the specs, price, info, pictures or videos of the classic BMW z8. But as you know there are a lot of websites and blogs that claim to give the best information when it comes to particularly the specifications of the z8 model. You can always go to some of the top rated websites and check for the information you want to get about the car but someone who provides you with the accurate facts and data along with a forum that helps you decide whether to give it a read or not, I believe you will always go for the second. The classic bmw z8 was produced for the 2000-2003 model years. The reason for the car being more attractive and searched by people is that the bmw z8 possessed each and every necessary ingredient of a true and class projecting sports car, the immaculate outstanding classic design and the rarity. One can easily find a bit about the car’s specifications or get some of the impressive photographs online but surely a source with a lot of research and weighing scale, which can further help you decide a true perception of the car. Down below are given some key points about the car that will surely help you make decisions about the car.

BMW Z8 under spotlight

The car was produced in the 2000-03 model years and its true sporty look and parts helped it to get the total fame. Some of the key features of the car which led to its popularity were, its total-aluminum chassis wad made exceptionally stiff and light which gave it a total road look and people felt extra confident while exploring the outer limits of the car’s performance. On the other hand the suspension, steering and braking system connected to the solid aluminum chassis was handled with utmost precision. Many other components of the bmw z8 were taken from the world class bmw sedan and then recalibrated.

bmw z8

A quick look at the specs

Specs of the the classic BMW z8 consisted of a 4.9 L V8 engine producing 394 of the horsepower and 368 pound-feet torque, a standard six-speed manual transmission and five-speed automatic transmissions (alpine), the producing factory claimed speed of 0-62 mph in 4.70 seconds.

Whereas the car became popular and had overall good impression over people but the classic bmw z8 also faced criticism as most of UK motoring press described the bmw z8 (standard version) having a terrible handling. Whereas in a review for the alpina edition in some magazines the car was described as it didn’t know whether it was a roadster or a supercar.

But overall the bmw z8 was great, easy car to drive.

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